Strongman Mark Felix Suggestions For Lifting In Your Late 50s

Mark Felix, the Grenadian-English strongman icon, has already solid an enormous legacy throughout his 20-year profession however, in an unique chat with M&F, ‘The Miracle’ appeared extra fired up than ever forward of the 2022 World’s Strongest Man competitors happening May 24-29 in Sacramento, CA. We sat down with Felix, one of many world’s most prolific strongman competitors entrants, to realize extra perception into his world beating grip, how this 6-foot-4-inch mountain of a person prepares for competitors, and why age has no limits the place dedication and fervour exist.

Entering the world of strongman at 37 years of age, Felix proved from the very starting that he might conquer his youthful rivals. “Growing up as a kid, I always wanted to be fit and strong,” says Felix. “So, I started bodybuilding and I did a few competitions where I came second and third.” Casting a big shadow throughout his coaching periods, Felix was quickly observed for his measurement and power at his native health club in Accrington, Lancashire, and was approached by the proprietor about coming into his first strongman competitors. “He invited me to make up the numbers,” recollects Felix. “I did it, and I came third in that competition. It just started from there.” Now at 56 years of age, Felix continues to be proving that youth is not any match for laborious work, as he readies himself for Sacramento. “This year is going to be my seventeenth World’s Strongest Man [competition], so you are never too old to start something,” says the large man.

Mark Felix carrying two monster wheels on his shoulders at a 2022 strongman competition
Casey Brooke Lawson and WSM

‘Miracle’ Mark Felix Has Moved Multiple Records

Incredibly, Felix has now competed in 100 strongman competitions, together with 22 worldwide wins, and has to date made 3 appearances within the World’s Strongest Man semi-finals. He additionally holds data for the Rolling Thunder carry and the Hercules Hold to call simply a few profession highs, plus he can bench press 530 kilos (240 kilos), squat 770 kilos (350 kilos) and deadlift 893 kilos (405 kilos).

Turning skilled as a strongman in 2004, Felix made his presence identified straightaway by putting third in England’s Strongest Man. In 2005, he took second place. That similar yr, he gained the IFSA British Championship, and in 2008 he gained the primary ever Rolling Thunder World Championships by lifting 301 kilos (136.3 kilos). “Well, I did train hard for it and then I knew I was gonna get it, because I could just feel it,” remembers Felix. “It was similar to the adrenaline, and the push, and the quantity of folks that was there, I might simply really feel it.

So, I went and simply did it, so all of the coaching and stuff paid off.” Indeed, intense coaching and a dogged dedication to his chosen self-discipline has allowed Felix to earn his ‘Miracle’ moniker. The ‘Rolling Thunder’ is a clumsy grip deal with that’s connected to weight plates, designed to make the challenger battle to deadlift the plates off the ground with one hand. Having set the world document in 2008 in Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire, Canada, Felix would higher his personal rating 4 years later in Birmingham, England with 323.5 kilos (146.7 kilos), that’s a rise of greater than 20 kilos. To prime it off, consultants agree {that a} new Rolling Thunder grip, added to the competitors earlier than his second world document, made the achievement much more astonishing. “The new handle is a lot more slick,” shares Felix. “I was very happy [with the record].” The Miracle was injured on the time of breaking that second document, however discovered that focussing on method, to maintain himself protected, turned an excellent benefit. “Because, at the time when I did it, I had a torn calf, so I couldn’t do anything else, so I was just focussing on that Rolling Thunder event. And I think, because I was trying to protect my calf, I just did a big lift.”

Strongman Mark Felix holding a larg dumbbell over his head
Joe Martinez and WSM

‘Get A Grip’ of Rounded Training

While Felix says that he does lots of grip-squeezing actions to work on his hand power, together with enterprise lifts and squeezes whereas carrying tight gloves, the Miracle shares {that a} good grip additionally depends on power coming from different areas of the physique too. “We do a lot of training, like the farmers walk and deadlifts,” says Felix. “You’ll use your back, your legs, and everything, to make sure that you get it right. We have to do a lot of forearm work.” For the Rolling Thunder, Felix says that simply as a lot thought wants to enter pushing up from the legs and maintaining the arm straight, as performing the grip itself. “You have to have the right technique to lift those big weights,” says Felix.

Working the entire physique is one thing that Felix is obsessed with as he will get nearer to Sacramento. And for anybody trying to get began in strongman themselves, or enhance on their present efficiency, The Miracle says that it’s a good suggestion to hunt out a good coach. Many will supply a service the place they may evaluate your coaching movies to guage your type and make ideas. “Strongman training didn’t have any blueprints [when I started out], but now you don’t have to go down the wrong route for too long. It’s easier to get it right now because there’s people there to guide you through it.” To witness some gargantuan feats of bravery and athleticism firsthand in the course of the 2022 WSM, tickets and VIP packages are actually obtainable right here!

Life of Strongman Mark Felix

Away from the cheering crowds, Felix works full-time in building. He enjoys his career as a result of it retains him lively, however he feels that years of lifting, plus the repetitive actions concerned along with his day job, contributed to a torn bicep suffered again in 2008. Felix believes that his fast return to motion, following surgical procedure, was a results of listening to his physician and beginning again mild, thus making a full restoration inside round 6 months. “It never bothered me again,” he says, fortunately. In phrases of taking care of himself, Felix just isn’t a kind of rivals that simply likes to throw down energy from any supply. Instead, he meticulously prepares meals earlier than every working day, and he retains it clear, preferring salads, fruits, greens, rice, pasta, rooster, fish and steak. “I eat very sensible,” he says. “I also supplement my diet with protein shakes.” Additionally, the legend takes Glucosamine for its potential advantages to joints, alongside a multi-vitamin, and is certain to maintain hydrated always. All in all, Felix consumes round 7,500 energy every day, from 5-6 meals, and he retains this constant all year long. He doesn’t ramp-up, or lose numerous weight earlier than competitions akin to this upcoming World’s Strongest Man occasion. “My weight has just stabilized,” says Felix. But if you’re searching for proof of a few of these legendary strongman meal parts, the man-mountain does share that he’ll eat 6 or 7 Weetabix for his breakfast. His alternative of milk? “The semi-skimmed doesn’t have as much protein as the whole milk, so I drink the whole milk,” he shares.

After an 8-hour shift on website, Felix heads straight to the health club however nonetheless makes certain to get 6-8 hours of sleep every night time. “After working hard all day, and training at night, I sleep well!” says the embellished strongman. It’s a tried and examined system that has served this warrior properly, as a result of he tells M&F that there are presently no aches or pains, and he feels higher than ever. Still, one factor that Felix has modified when it comes to the best way that he trains now versus how he educated when he was youthful, is to build-in extra warm-ups. “When you get older, you have to do a lot more warming-up than some of the young guys,” laughs Felix. “Your body tends to be a lot more slower, so because the events are tests of speed, you’ve gotta be quick. So, you have to make sure that you’ve warmed-up enough.”

Mark Felix is Always Looking Forward

In phrases of retirement plans, they’re removed from Felix’s thoughts as he appears to be like forward to competing in opposition to the likes of Scotland’s Tom Stoltman who gained the occasion final yr, his brother Luke, Brian Shaw, Robert Oberst and lots of different gigantic greats. “I’m still going strong,” he says. “My body will tell me when to stop.” But proper now, Felix’s physique may be very a lot telling him to maintain battling.

“I’m feeling very good at the moment,” beams Felix. “I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be a great show. It’s my seventeenth year at the World’s Strongest Man and I’m feeling great at the moment. Training is going awesome.”

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