Super Witch Challenge & Best Decks In Clash Royale

Clash Royale has levelled up in a giant approach this week by unleashing the brand new Super Witch Challenge.

The excellent news is that whereas this shall be more durable for some to finish, there are actually loads of guides being shared by followers regarding the perfect decks within the sport.

The rewards make it properly price taking up the brand new problem, with a few of the greatest decks obtainable to view for the Super Witch Challenge on this article.

These have been sourced from across the net, and embrace solutions from main content material creators and professional gamers.

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Clash Royale | The Miner Update Official Launch Trailer



Clash Royale | The Miner Update Official Launch Trailer





The Best Decks In The Clash Royale Super Witch Challenge

As many players will already know, the Super Witch Challenge is break up into 4 components in Clash Royale, and every half requires you to finish wins earlier than you may head into the following part. Completing every a part of the problem offers particular rewards, making it price your time.

Supercell hasn’t supplied a lot in the way in which of steerage exterior of what has been shared in-game, telling followers on social media this week: “The 3 Witches have united their powers to summon… the SUPER WITCH! Play together with her within the new Super Witch Crown Challenge!

“It’s free entry and crowns = progress. So even if you’re an ebarbs player, you can win all the rewards! You’re welcome.”

You can discover a breakdown of a few of the newest decks getting used to tackle the brand new Clash Royale Super Witch Challenge, Courtesy of Fans, DualShockers and MasterDiddySan.

Clash Royale Fan Deck
Baby Dragon (Elixer 4)
Barbarian Barrel (Elixer 2)
Graveyard (Elixer 5)
Ice Wizard (Elixer 3)
Poison (Elixer 4)
Skeleton King (Elixer 4)
Tombstone (Elixer 3)
Tornado (Elixer 3)

Clash Royale MasterDiddySan Deck
Super Witch (Elixir 6)
Tornado (Elixir 3)
Valkyrie (Elixir 4)
Giant Skeleton (Elixir 6)
Lightning (Elixir 6)
Executioner (Elixir 5)
Electro Wizard (Elixir 4)
Electro Spirit (Elixir 1)

Clash Royale Dualshockers Deck:
Super Witch (Elixir 6)
Valkyrie (Elixir 4)
Freeze (Elixir 4)
Magic Archer (Elixir 4)
The Log (Elixir 2)
Skeleton Army (Elixir 3)
Royal Ghost (Elixir 3)
Musketeer (Elixir 4)

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