Taco Bell is bringing again the Mexican pizza — and South Asians are rejoicing

Taco Bell has introduced the return of the Mexican pizza, a favourite for South Asian communities throughout the nation.

Like many kids in Indian households, Krish Jagirdar was raised vegetarian, which means most quick meals joints have been off the desk.

“The one place that we were allowed to go to, that we did often go to, was Taco Bell,” he stated. “The Mexican pizza was the item that I gravitated towards again and again. Hugely, hugely popular amongst Indian Americans.”

Jagirdar stated he would swap out meat for beans. But it wasn’t simply vegetarian choices that drew Jagirdar’s household to Taco Bell — he says the flavors and emphasis on spice appealed to Indian Americans as a result of they’re much like meals at residence.

“They have a heavy emphasis on spice,” he stated. “So I think in a lot of ways, it’s kind of as close as they can get to, like, Indian fast food while still being obviously part of American culture.”

Despite the identify, the Mexican pizza is a distinctly American concoction. No such factor exists in true Mexican delicacies, and a few may argue the snack would not actually even appear like pizza both.

Nevertheless, Taco Bell’s creation developed a powerful following because it debuted because the Pizazz Pizza again in 1985, particularly amongst South Asian communities.

“It’s almost like an inside joke with people where it’s like you meet another brown person, you’re just like, ‘What do you get at Taco Bell?’ Like, obviously the Mexican pizza,” stated Rima Parikh, a comic and author who professed her love for the Mexican pizza in a 2020 article.

She had even personalized her go-to order: substitute beans for beef, add potatoes and nacho cheese sauce. And, sooner or later, nacho fries made their approach onto her pizza.

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So, when the merchandise was discontinued in 2020, she felt at a loss.

“I was kind of stuck where I was like, oh, I don’t even know what I’m supposed to like. I guess I’ll try something else. But I think in terms of my main item, I was like, I don’t know what that is anymore,” she stated.

When the beloved menu merchandise was discontinued a 12 months and a half in the past, the frustration ran deep.

So Jagirdar rallied to convey it again. He began a petition that gathered greater than 170,000 signatures.

“I sent it out to my friends and my family, and I mean it when I say that petition started spreading like wildfire through text message chains, email chains, like I’m talking about old Indian uncles and aunties that are sharing it in their groups.”

Then, final week, to Jagirdar’s shock, Taco Bell bought in contact.

“They’re like, ‘Hey, we’re bringing back the Mexican pizza. And, you know, we super, super appreciate everything that you did to really kind of stoke the desire for the revival of it.'”

The Mexican pizza hits menus once more on May 19, and each Parikh and Jagirdar have the day marked on their calendars.

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