The Best Gifts For Tea-Loving Travelers

‘Tis the season for sipping delectable teas around a decked-out hearth. It’s also a great time for savoring new teas that are sure to set the scene for any festive occasion. There are some pleasures that only tea enthusiasts understand! Whether you are a fellow tea lover or simply looking for a gift to make a tea-loving adventurer’s holiday season merry, consider these fun gifts.

The DAVIDsTEA Blueberry Tea Press is a special, innovative travel mug that brews tea on the go. It offers you an easy, versatile, and fun way to steep either hot or iced loose leaf tea no matter where you are. Simply add tea to the mug and let it steep. When it’s done, you slide the press all the way in to catch the loose leaves. There is no need for any diffuser or tea bag. Buy Now: DAVIDsTEA, $35

Celestial Seasonings offers a variety of teas in delicious holiday flavors. Picture yourself at your desk or around a warm fire sipping on Christmas-inspired teas like Candy Cane Lane, Nutcracker Sweet, and Gingerbread Spice. If you love sweet treats, you’ll want to try the Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea. It’s hard to believe that it’s not loaded with sugar, but it’s actually sugar-free with no carbohydrates or calories. Buy Now: Celestial Seasonings, $3.55 per box of tea

Made of organic bamboo fiber and food-grade silicone, Stash Tea Company’s Vincent Van Gogh travel cups are lovely and convenient. They’re the idea gift for those adore the art of Vincent Van Gogh as much as they love tea. They depict the artist’s beloved paintings, Irises and Sunflowers. They can help reduce single-use cup waste during your travels. Buy Now: Stash Tea Company, $12.95

As its name suggests, Cacao Tea Co. offers a scrumptious cacao tea which is commonly known as chocolate tea or cocoa tea. With a rich history that goes back thousands of years to ancient Aztec and Mayan civilizations, this tea is a healthier alternative to sugary hot chocolate at the holidays. It’s high in antioxidants, and the tea is pure and organic. Travelers can easily take some on the go and enjoy this soothing tea from anywhere for a taste of chocolate during the holidays. Buy Now: Cacao Tea Co., $17.50

If you know a tea aficionado who carefully selects their own loose-leaf teas, you can give them a fun way to take their favorite teas on their travels with PARU’s tea filters. Made of chlorine-free, biodegradable paper, these tea filters make it easy to pack several servings of tea in checked luggage, then enjoy it throughout a trip. Easily use them by scooping the serving of tea into one of the bags, pulling the string, and placing it in the teacup whenever you’re ready. Buy Now: PARU, $12

The DAVIDsTEA Matcha On-The-Go Kit is the ideal gift for those matcha fans who can’t get enough green tea. This kit was created to help travelers get their matcha fix no matter where they are. It includes three different matcha green tea powders, a matcha maker, and a matcha spoon. The matcha flavors included in this set are Peach Matcha, Vanilla Matcha, and Matcha Matsu. Buy Now: DAVIDsTEA, $34.30 on sale at time of publication

The traveler in your life is sure to be inspired by the luxurious tea from Adare Manor in Ireland. One sip of their 1832 signature tea can inspire someone to travel in their imagination to the lovely castle, and it’s a great addition to one’s own in-home afternoon tea experience. The refreshing tea pairs well with traditional scones and preserves. Buy Now: Adare Manor

The chic and convenient Kinto UNITEA Unimug is a great, lightweight mug. The three-piece set is ideal for steeping whole leaf teas. If the tea lover in your life likes finely cut leaves, be sure to also include tea filters for use with the set. The mug is made of heat-resistant glass, while the lid and strainer are made of co-polyester. The clear mug is fun to use and easy to take on the go. Buy Now: PARU, $19

Frequent travelers who enjoy tea in fine restaurants have no doubt delighted in choosing tea from elaborate tea boxes. They can get a taste of the special tea boxes restaurants often present with their very own tea chest. This handsome chest comes with a variety of teas like earl grey, green tea, and peppermint herbal tea. The giftee can take the sturdy tea chest on a road trip and always have a variety of teas within easy reach. Buy Now: Stash Tea Company, $49.50

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