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Charles Edgar

Charles Town

There are occasions when working for the pro-life trigger: i.e., for all the valuable little infants, and their moms, will be very rewarding. Sometimes, you get to see the mom once more, as she returns to “show” you the treasure, whose life was “saved”.

Further, it isn’t all the time the mom we see once more. The following was a one time unbelievable taking place. As our little group prayed and “pleaded” in entrance of the abortion mill (Can’t name it an actual clinic…) a truck driver pulled up in his very massive car. He was working at a development website close by. We ready for a “scolding” as we regularly get. To our nice shock, the driving force mentioned: “I have come to thank you. You talked my wife out of getting an abortion. I…we…have a beautiful little girl that is the joy of our life! Thank you for what you do here. I did not plan to come down this road. I was a little lost as to where I was going. And, here you are! Thank you!” It is these happenings…and, a number of prayer….that hold you going.

Then, we additionally had this episode. Some time in the past, in entrance of a neighborhood abortion “mill”, a gentleman walked as much as me and mentioned: “I just want you to tell me one thing. ( His demeanor was somber.) “I’m a born-again Christian and I need to know if God forgives somebody who has had an abortion if she (somebody he knew???) asks for forgiveness.” I said: “Positively. Our God is a merciful God.” He didn’t want a lengthy answer. His body language seemed to breathe a great sigh of relief. Did this abortion have to do with someone he loved very much? We’ll never know this side of heaven. He said, “That’s all I wished to know. I wished to listen to it from you folks. I consider in what you are doing right here…100 per cent.” He asked for prayers and departed.

My message here is for every person who stands in a pulpit. Many times, ministers and priests will not directly address the subject of abortion. Yet, some 3000 babies die in an abortion every day and those whose lives are intertwined with these babies are affected by this killing in one way or another.

I know all ministries are important; but, I just don’t know of any ministerial needs:

• that has so many victims everyday

• whose victims are so young and so helpless

• that are lost in the conspiracy of silence to this degree

• that affect so many others like this man…walking around in a tortured daze.

In short, those who preach need to talk about abortion…bravely and openly.

They need to avert the mental, physical and spiritual torture women may face when they contemplate this seemingly “fast” solution, called abortion.

I recall the words of a very little, but well-known woman who said: “The biggest poverty is that individuals select to kill infants to reside as they need…” A really profound thought from Mother Teresa.

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