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WASHINGTON (WDVM) — From New York to California, a number of abortion rights rallies occurred throughout our nation at present. This comes after a leaked doc revealed a number of U.S. Supreme Court Justices had been in favor of overturning Roe v. Wade.

In the nation’s capital, hundreds of individuals had been for a “Bans off our bodies” occasion on Saturday. When you arrived close to Constitution Ave. you observed a break up with anti-abortion supporters on one aspect and pro-abortion supporters on the opposite yelling over each other. It all comes all the way down to the battle over the supreme courtroom’s potential determination over Roe v. Wade.

Thousands of individuals stood close to the Washington Monument holding indicators, chanting, and listening to a number of audio system about the proper to abortion.

“We’ve been worried about this since Trump was elected, since the talks at the Supreme Court, and since RBG died. We knew it was coming, but knowing it’s coming and having it here is very different,” stated Amara Shaker Brown, a D.C. native, and pro-abortion advocate.

Saturday’s rally was in response to the leaked paperwork.

“They’re deciding what we get to do with our bodies and they don’t have anything to do with that,” stated Cloe Scott, a pro-abortion rights supporter.

“You have to speak out to make a change if you stay silent, nothing is going to change,” she stated.

Amara Shaker-Brown stated members of the supreme courtroom must signify the individuals.

“60 to 70% of people in the united states believe that abortion rights should be legal and so if you’re supposed to represent the people, you are not listening to the majority of America,” stated Shaker-Brown.

Just on the nook on Constitution Ave. Anti-abortion supporters like Lila Anderson had been additionally talking out.

“If your heart is open you know that it’s the wrong path no matter what. The child is innocent, he’s not the one who harmed you or is harming you. You know, you’re only harming yourself,” stated Anderson.

She stated there’s needs to be another choice in addition to abortion.

“If there’s hope for someone to open their eyes and reach out to a community for people who support women who are pregnant who are unsure if they want to have their child, that’s something we should tackle,” stated Anderson.

As for Shaker-Brown, she stated she’s standing her floor not only for herself however for her family members.

“We wanted to come and honor our mothers and our grandmothers who fought for this,” stated Shaker-Brown.

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