Tom Hanks would love to be a handyman – but that stuff ‘flummoxes’ him | Entertainment

Tom Hanks sometimes wishes he could do a practical job that helps people – like a handyman.

The Hollywood star says he’s been very fortunate to have had a successful acting career spanning four decades, but he regrets not being able to make a “better contribution to humanity”.

He told Yours magazine: “I have been crazily fortunate.

“But… sometimes I think I would be better off, and I would make a better contribution to humanity, If I felt the same way I do about acting as about something practical, such as laying bricks, or fixing cars or problems with heating or air conditioning.”

But the truth is, he’s just not that good at practical jobs.

He said: “I could really improve some people’s lives on that.

“But unfortunately, that stuff flummoxes me and I flee from it.

“I wish I could fix your screen door with the right kind of rubber tubing and the right kind of screwdriver.

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“But if I tried, I would be there for four hours and you would still have to call somebody to fix it.”

When he’s not on set, the 65-year-old actor wishes to spend as much time as possible with his wife Rita Wilson and their three granddaughters.

The ‘Elvis’ star said: “We’re the cool grandparents.

“I spend every possible available moment with them, which is sometimes not nearly as plentiful as I would like it to be.

“They’re fascinating and they’re curious, and my desire as a grandparent is just to soak up as much of their essence as is possible … and sit next to them at dinner time to steal the good food off their plate!”

Tom and Rita, 65, are grandparents to six-year-old Michaiah, son Chet’s little one, and son Colin’s girls Olivia, 11, and Charlotte, eight.

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