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MONTROSE — Caleb Vandevender, of Montrose, is a Cheat District candidate for a Randolph County Board of Education seat within the May 10 major election.

Vandevender labored for eight years as a custodian for the Randolph County School System, and he mentioned that have is what prompted him to run for a BOE seat.

“I want to focus on improvements for safety in the buildings, and more events and get-togethers for the kids,” he mentioned. “Let’s add extra custodians, let’s concentrate on the cleanliness of the college buildings. Let’s rent extra staff out on the colleges, as a substitute of including jobs on the Board Office.

“We don’t want people getting sick at the schools. I want to make sure we have good, safe, germ-free school buildings for the kids,” he added.

Vandevender, a Randolph County native, mentioned his grandfather was additionally a custodian with the Randolph County School System.

“I started Aug. 12, 2012 and I worked until 2020, so I was there working during the pandemic,” he mentioned. “I felt there weren’t enough custodians at the schools to do the big jobs, like stripping the floors, the right way. I’m worried about cleanliness and getting the job done right, for the safety of the kids. I’m also worried about one custodian having to do some of these big jobs by themselves, because that’s a safety issue as well.”

Vandevender mentioned his youth can be a bonus as a Board member.

“I think they need to give younger people a chance,” he mentioned. “I want to work for the kids, and make things better for them.”

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