Verify Out the Most Stunning Celeb Transformations of the Week

Twenty-five years after The Real World: Boston, this actuality TV star is fitter than ever.

The Challenge: All Stars followers seen Yarbrough’s stunning health transformation once they tuned into the May 11 season three premiere. Later, the 50-year-old opened up about his 60-pound weight reduction in an interview with E! News.

“I feel completely reinvigorated. Honestly, every day is my birthday now,” Yarbrough stated. “It’s amazing being back with the spotlight on me and get out there and show the world my natural life progression. It’s a different kind of feeling when you are 50 years old and you still have the opportunity to get out there and compete.”

In addition to adopting the ketogenic food plan and chopping alcohol and sugar from his food plan, Yarbrough strives to hit 20 miles a day, whether or not on a motorcycle, the elliptical or operating. As for his resolution to get more healthy? That got here after his physician instructed him he had hypertension.

“I felt great and that was one of the factors to push it further,” Yarbrough recalled. “I was already going down the road, but after that I was like, ‘Look, no, no way. This changes tomorrow.’ And I just put into place everything I needed to do get that back in order. Here I am now, feeling better and healthier than ever.”

To hear extra about Yarbrough’s journey, try the remainder of E! News’ chat with The Real World alum right here.

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