Where to buy vintage-style graphic tees and streetwear online

Finding the perfect graphic tee in Hong Kong can be a real challenge. Instead of spending hours digging for a super rare gem from Mee&Gee, try these online retailers for that vintage-style aesthetic instead.

Generation Z has too many trends to keep up with, especially when it comes to fashion. With so many stylish influencers on the rise, it seems that everyone is locked into a perpetual arms race for the perfect garments and pieces to complete their next fit pic.

Lately, there has been a spike in vintage-style and acid-washed graphic tees. Oversized tee, straight and baggy jeans, with fresh kicks — AF1s, Jordans, any bulky sneaker will do — and a shoulder bag… you’ve definitely seen this look on the ‘Gram. If you’re trying to hop on the wave, these sites offer the best tees to complete that vintage aesthetic.

The best online retailers for vintage-style tees and apparel

Street Market Supply

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