Who’s Desiree White? Finest man steals bride in TikTok wedding ceremony fiasco

TikToker Desiree White is trending on the social media web site after she revealed that the most effective man at her former wedding ceremony declared his love for her they usually went on to tie the knot.

TikTok offers platform to viral challenges, trending tales and movies.

But one person, Desiree White, goes viral on the positioning for her uncommon love story along with her husband and the daddy of her 4 kids.

So, who’s she and what’s the marriage story that caught the eye of so many individuals?

TikToker reveals ‘best man steals bride’ story

One of Desiree’s TikTok movies has amassed greater than 600,000 views because it was revealed on March fifteenth this yr.

Desiree opened up about her marriage, revealing that she and her husband, Bryant, bought collectively after he declared his love at Desiree’s wedding ceremony along with her ex. Bryant confessed his emotions whereas elevating a glass in honour of Desiree and her ex-partner.

“It goes along the lines of, ‘I loved you since the moment I saw you. There’s no one like you,’” Desiree stated within the video. “He actually said to me during our last dance, ‘If I’m the best man, then why didn’t you ever give me a chance? I would’ve always taken care of you.’”

Speaking to Kennedy News and Media (through New York Post), she recalled Bryant’s speech and stated: “He stated, ‘I remember the first moment I saw Desiree, I loved her. I fell in love with her. I knew she had to be mine. I thought she was the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in my life.

“He said, ‘She’s the best person I’ve ever met. I’ve never met anyone like her. Then I found out she already had a boyfriend and I thought I needed to find out a way to get her, but then I met [Desiree’s ex] and we became friends’.”

Meet Desiree White

Desiree White is a 32-year-old TikToker primarily based in Illinois.

“Some magic, some chaos, and a bit of poetry,” reads her TikTok bio. She has additionally added a hyperlink to an internet Etsy ship on her profile.

Desiree and her ex known as it quits after being married for one yr after which she bought romantically concerned along with her husband and father of her kids, Bryant.

The two tied the knot in 2012 and the couple welcomed their first baby, Sawyer, who’s 9 years outdated. Desiree and Bryant are dad and mom to 4 boys and have been married for 10 years now.

Desiree has amassed 5.7k followers on her profile and 125k likes however we’re certain this quantity is ready to rise because of her new-found fame.

Followers react to her story

A variety of TikTok customers shared their reactions within the remark part of Desiree’s trending video.

“My romance writer heart needs to know every single detail. Please and thank you,” reacted one particular person.

“Well, I’m glad it worked out for you. Cheers to a happy life!” commented another person.

“This sounds like a rom-com I would watch,” reacted another person to which Desiree replied again: “I’m a romance reader and sometimes I’m like our story is very readable. Lol, I’m thinking about the follow-up.”

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