Why Brittany Tompkins Added A Furniture Line To Her Interior Design Firm

Last year Brittany Tompkins was faced with intense furniture shipping delays for her interior design firm MP James. With record high shortages, delays and cargo ships waiting to dock for months, Tompkins had to make a major pivot to keep her clients happy and to keep her design firm alive. Taking matters into her own hands she launched her own furniture line, MP James. With everything being made local, Tompkins is able to bring turnaround times from six to nine months down to as little as six weeks. “Because of supply chain delays through the ports I realized I had to come up with another solution. We have been working on our line since Spring 2021 and were able to partner with some amazing local artisans. I have intentionally designed each item to be a piece that I would put in any of my clients homes,” explained Tompkins. “Starting my line was solely a decision to ensure my clients are provided with high quality materials that are supporting our local communities.”

Tompkins is no stranger to pivoting. Coming from a longline of strong females in real estate she followed in her grandmothers footsteps as a project design manager at a real estate development firm. Realizing her passion lied in interior design, she took a leap of faith and started her own design firm MP James Design in 2019. “MP James stands for the maiden names of the women in my life. M for (Monforte) which is my maiden name, P for (Praino) which is my moms and James was my grandmothers maiden name and also my Grandfathers name. Both my Grandma and my mom owned and do still own their own companies which has always been an inspiration in my life,” shared Tompkins on the inspiration behind the name. MP James Design was born out of the desire to create a female driven, all encompassing interior design and construction firm.

With a west coast contemporary ethos using wood tones and textures, Tompkins has had over 50 clients with projects from full home remodels commercial projects and everything in between. Over the past year, she also added a new pillar to her business and launched an online store selling home goods that are all made or designed from American based companies. Some her most favorite projects include everything from a total home remodel to elevating Ashley Greene’s office space. “To date my favorite project would be The Valcroft project I did for a full home remodel. We mixed midcentury tones with farmhouse feels and ended up with a beautiful family home. A smaller project I have loved doing is Ashley Greene’s office space. We used some amazing textures when it comes to custom wallpapers and fabrics for her furniture pieces!” Tompkins explained. “Working with Brittany and MP JAMES had been a wonderful and eye opening experience. She has been able to meld together a beautiful mix of Paul and my styles – elevating the rooms while staying true to what we’d like to our home to represent,” Greene shared on working with Tompkins and MP James to redo her office. 

While Tompkins still practices real estate which is how she was able to grow her design firm so quickly, she is heavily focusing on expanding the product arm of MP James. “We are currently working on expanding our line! This will include accent chairs, dining tables, pillows, blankets, candles etc. We want to grow our own line into a one stop shop. We’re also working on some amazing interior design projects right now that should be published come early 2022,” she stated.            

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