WNCL Tasmanian Tiger Queensland Fire Georgia Voll Commentators astounded as straightforward wicket goes unnoticed

Commentators and viewers were left astounded after a broadcast replay in the Women’s National Cricket League showed a clear wicket go begging.

During today’s WNCL match between the Queensland Fire and the Tasmanian Tigers in Hobart, Fire batter Georgia Voll peculiarly survived a straightforward dismissal after her wicket went unnoticed by the umpire and opposing team.

With Voll on strike, Tigers bowler Belinda Vakarewa delivered a ball which, upon reshowing, clearly clipped the top of off stump and dislodged the bails.

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With no signal given by the umpire or protests from the Tigers players, including wicketkeeper Rachel Priest, the game continued despite Voll clearly being bowled. Priest even picked up the dislodged bail and put it back on the stumps.

The commentary team was perplexed at how the wicket went undetected.

“Has she bowled her?” Julia Price said as the replay of the ball played.

“That is absolutely out.

“I tell you what, I hope they’re staying at the casino – I’d be going to the casino after that.”

Voll was later dismissed on 31 runs.

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