Your dress codes to Salvatore Ferragamo’s Movie O’Clock parties, sorted

Something magical happens every festive season.

The few days clustered between Christmas and New Year’s Eve gesture at latent possibility. Of good tidings and fair wishes, yes, but also of glitter and parties and RSVPs and count-downs to kisses at the stroke of midnight that, really, mean “It’s you. You’re who I want to spend next year with. The next after that, too.” And all this is reason enough to show up dressed up — like something out of a movie. Something Salvatore Ferragamo’s stunning range of shoes and accessories are perfectly poised to accomplish. 

From imaginary locales in Florence to Seoul and, finally, Shanghai, Salvatore Ferragamo’s Movie O’Clock series weave through friends, through lovers with single, hand-delivered invitations. And the invitation? Requesting attendance at three holiday parties, decked out with the promise of candle-lit dinners, flutes and flutes of bubbly and riotous, belly-shaking laughter.

Though, what does one wear to such mysterious soirées?

The Glitzy Soirée 

Dress code: To Impress

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